The Disadvantage of Christianity in debate

I’ve recently been quite enamoured of facebook, and have been engaged in several discussions about those contraversial topics that I’m supposed to avoid because I’m polite.One of those discussions is on the Great Canadian Wish group on facebook put together by the CBC. Now, the basis of the group is to ascertain some big wishes […]

New Sermon: James 1:1-4

Here’s the text I prepared for it (though I deviated some). Hope y’all enjoyJames 1:1-4James, a servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ., to the twelve tribes of the dispersion, greetings. This is the introduction to the letter. Most times, when I’m reading the Bible for daily devotions, I skip over these parts […]

Growing Up

Again to reiterate my fundamentalist credentials, I was listening to the Albert Mohler show today, where he was talking about the general degradation of fatherhood in the modern west.I have to say, I can see where he’s coming from, but I think he has missed one of the major constituents.Last weekend we had a retreat, […]