Halloween, Reformation, and the call to Evangelism

As I write today in the University Center, I am surrounded by the masses of undergraduates all celebrating Halloween. The myriad of dark angels, ghosts, and movie icons is astounding. In the midst of all this, I read recently that today is also Reformation day (something often missed in the focus on ghouls and goblins […]

Practical Deity

I’ve begun to notice that when people talk about truth now, they tend to refer to “whatever works”. Contrary to popular belief, this is not limited to the social sciences, but extends to the physical sciences where interest (and research dollars) go to research that has “practical” applications.Now before I begin basing an argument (here […]

God’s Ulterior Motives

Tonight I heard a talk about the promises of God, which was quite good. It was mainly about the promises of God, and about specifically the rest that God promises in Mathhew 11.That said, along the line the speaker claimed that God does all things out of love, and has no hidden motives. I kind […]